Please trust me !

Scan of a original fullframe print.
Scan hvid kant
As it would be if it was a digital file.


It took me some time to get use to  the digital photography but now I`m confident with the technology, to my needs!
But one thing can`t satisfy me.
For more then 25 years when I worked in the analog darkroom I make all my prints in full frame.
That means I did the croping in the camera then I took the picture and printed it with a black frame which is generated by the unexposed film around the exposed emulsion.
That was a way to show that I did my work proper when I took the picture and did`t had to save anything by croping in the darkroom.
I always compare it with the word “Sorry” – if you think before you speak, you don`t have to say “Sorry”
So all my digital prints is croped in the camera just as all my analog prints was – please trust me!

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