On request from LEICA in Denmark (Nordisk Foto Import) asked me if I would like to take the new LEICA Q with me on my upcoming trip to document the living conditions of the people living in the slum of Phnom Penh, Cambodia which I have a great love for.

I have tested LEICA Q the last week and find it very easy to work with. The ergonomics are optimal, especially with the cut for the thumb makes it fit easily into my hand.

LEICA Q have a 24 MP full frame CMOS sencor with a fixed SUMMILUX 1:1.7/28mm ASPH lens with the renowned high quality which LEICA is well knowed for.

If you shoot DNG and JPEG and want to frame/crop to 35mm or 50mm it’s only the JPEG file there will be croped. The DNG file don’t ! For me it’s a problem because I always do the croping in the camera when I take the picture. Never in PhotoShop ! So I expect to use only 28mm to maintain my credibility.

It’s very easy to work with the LEICA Q and once you have set your settings, it’s a great “point and shoot” camera for Street Photography.


Jens Andersen, Street Photographer/Face Hunter.

(Me and the LEICA Q is photographed by Charlotte Jensen)

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