Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia.

16. august 2018

Edited vs. No Editing!

Edited. Older woman photographed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. All the pictures have been taken with my OLYMPUS OM 2n with 50 mm f:1.8 The film is KODAK...

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8. oktober 2017

In memory of Kristine Worch! R.I.P (25-02-1984 – 30-09-2017)

I have lost a great and loved friend far to early to the ugly face of cancer. Kristine died to early in the age of...

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27. september 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Boys!

In one of the many slum areas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I photographed this charming boy looking out of the window at his home. I...

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15. september 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Beautiful Children in B&W!

For 25 years I have been travled in South East Asia. And always had my camera with me! I`m so fascinated by the childrens beautiful...

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10. september 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Child Worker!

At “The SOOC Tour” I vent to visit some brick factories outside Siem Reap to see how they are making bricks. I was also curious...

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3. september 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Before and after editing! 3.

The woman is photographed near Pha Yar Lan Train Station in Yangon, Myanmar. I was walking along the train tracks and when she saw...

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28. august 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Before and after editing! 2.

I visited a few brick factorys outside Siem Reap in Cambodia. It`s extreme hard labor for the people there are working there. All tasks...

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6. august 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Before and after editing! 1.

The man is photographed at Pha Yar Lan Train Station in Yangon, Myanmar. I photographed him at “The SOOC Tour” and I will in the...

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12. marts 2016

Analog memories !

I´m fascinated by the X-Pro1´s CMOS-censor. It´s remind me of (30 years ago) when I used Kodak Plus-X 125ASA, developed in D-76 and printed...

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31. december 2015

Mounting a GoPro on my camera !

I’m preparing my upcomeing trip to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and back to Bangkok. For the first time...

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16. november 2015

Foto Messan in Stockholm !

My pictures exhibited at Leica’s Lounge at Foto Messan in Stockholm. The exhibition is made in collaboration with Leica Denmark (Nordisk Foto Import). The...

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4. oktober 2015

The Little Q Exhibition !

All the pictures on “The Little Q Exhibition” at Mimosa Foto is photographed with LEICA Q. The pictures is from Cambodia.  

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20. august 2015

Close the circle !

I have a great enjoyment to come back and visit the people I have been photographed. Many times during the years I have had the...

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12. august 2015

SDF – Selskabet for dansk fotografi !

Læs her om mine oplevelser som Street Photographer & Face Hunter. SDF-Selskabet for dansk fotografi`s artikel

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27. juli 2015

Me and my Cambodian fixer in Siem Reap !

If you are going to Siem Reap, Cambodia and need a “fixer” I can recommend Mr. Sela. He is a very friendly and credible person, speak a...

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17. juni 2015


On request from LEICA in Denmark (Nordisk Foto Import) asked me if I would like to take the new LEICA Q with me on my...

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18. april 2015

No Privacy !

When you are living on the street, you don’t have any privacy. Not even the most private things. Many probably think it’s rude to...

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12. april 2015

Shot when I shoot !

              Married couple in front of their home.             Homeless man sleeping.        Beggar who lost his leg by a landmine. Photographed while I was playing...

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7. april 2015

The other side of Cambodia !

I`m publish at with my experiences and photography from Phnom Penh. CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LOOK !

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31. marts 2015

Me and my Cambodian fixer in Phnom Penh !

If you are going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and need a “fixer” I can recommend Mr. Chea. He is a very friendly and credible person, speak a...

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20. marts 2015

My visit in a burmese refugee camp !

I vent to visit a burmese refugee camp north of Mae Sot on the border between Thailand and Burma. When I arrived to the...

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8. marts 2015

Inside Out ! (My meeting with Vincent)

By coincidence I met Vincent at a restaurant. We started just to say “hallo” to each other. My curiosity wanted to know what behind...

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7. marts 2015

Enjoy your meal !

  We are all looking forward to our hollyday and we all have our favorite destination, for myself my favorite destination is South East...

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6. marts 2015

My point of view !

  ” I see want I want, I see reality – reality as I see it ” ! This is the mantra I use...

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6. marts 2015

Do it proper – no excuses !

When you are a photographer and on the road, you get a lot of experiences and hopefully plenty of good picthures in your camera....

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5. marts 2015

Please trust me !

  It took me some time to get use to  the digital photography but now I`m confident with the technology, to my needs! But...

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5. marts 2015

In memory of Steen Emil Søgaard !

I hereby dedicate my site/blog to my mentor and teacher Steen Emil Søgaard there past away in a unfair struggle to cancer. R.I.P !

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