Monthly:september 2017

“The SOOC Tour” Boys!

In one of the many slum areas in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I photographed this charming boy looking out of the window at his home. I met this boy on the countryside outside Siem Reap in Cambodia. The curiosity for the foreign face is noticeable when you travel in non-touristy areas. I photographed this crowded pick-up truck with novices in Yangon, Myanmar. This boy is photographed at the railway terrain in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where several Familys live by the train track.

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“The SOOC Tour” Beautiful Children in B&W!

For 25 years I have been travled in South East Asia. And always had my camera with me! I`m so fascinated by the childrens beautiful eyes. These children is photographed in a small village outside Siem Reap in Cambodia. Their unconcern is commendable when you know the future they are facing!  

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“The SOOC Tour” Child Worker!

At “The SOOC Tour” I vent to visit some brick factories outside Siem Reap to see how they are making bricks. I was also curious to see if there was child workers at some of the brick factories. I found two factories there are using child workers!  

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“The SOOC Tour” Before and after editing! 3.

The woman is photographed near Pha Yar Lan Train Station in Yangon, Myanmar. I was walking along the train tracks and when she saw me, she explains with  her hands, that she wanted me to photograph her. And as the gentleman I am, I did! Before editing. After editing.

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