My point of view !

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” I see want I want, I see reality – reality as I see it ” !

This is the mantra I use on the frontpage at my website/blog.

When you see a photographic motif and you take the picture, you have already decided what the viewer to see and not to see. At this moment you have a moral responsibility to the people you take a picture of and yourself.

Is it okay to take pictures of people in all situations ? My point of view is: Yes ! Provided they accept it, and most people do, if you meet them with a friendly attitude.

I never take pictures to put people in a negativ or bad situation, I meet them i there own environment where they feel safe.

The advantage with digital compared to the analog photography is that you can show people the pictures you just had of them and very offen it`s make other people curious to have their picture taken.

Many times I also had a huge success to give people a print of the picture I took of them – by that way you can get good relations and closer into there life.

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