Enjoy your meal !

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We are all looking forward to our hollyday and we all have our favorite destination, for myself my favorite destination is South East Asia.

Why this area ? I don`t know, but when I was a kid there was a lot on TV about The Vietnam War and of some reason I fund this area interesting.

As a teenager I came into the vietnamese / chinese community and later on into the thai community – my heart was sold to the asian food !

But no matter where your favorite destination is, there are always some exotic dishes.

People there visit Denmark might find “frikadeller” (meatballs) and “flæskesteg” (roast pork) with potatoes and brown sause as exsotic dishes.

I enjoy to go to the local marked or a street kitchen to buy my dinner – pork or chicken with chilli or curry and all the noodle soup is just delicious.

Many people are afraid to buy food at a street kitchen but don`t be, the food you get there is very fresh and made by the local housewives and they just make what they can sell in one day. Local people want fresh food !

I must say it get a little bit too exotic when there are rats and beetles on the menu.

But a cobra snake with chilli, pepper, vegetables and rice – that you must not refuse !


Bon appetite – enjoy your meal !

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