Close the circle !

I have a great enjoyment to come back and visit the people I have been photographed.

Many times during the years I have had the pleasure and opportunity to come back and visit the people I have been photographed and give them a print from the last time I visited them. Typically I make the print in 20x30cm and laminating it.

Often live the people I photograph not in homes that are special waterproof so the lamination helps the picture last longer. Give yourself a good experience, make a print for the people you’ve photographed, they become more excited about it than you can imagine. The man in this small family earn a living by collecting plastic at the nearby dump area outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He works mostly by night, when the heat of the day developer gases that make him uncomfortable and ill.



0006 finefoto photographer fotograf jens andersen street photographer photojournalism

03 slum phnom penh cambodia street photography jens andersen finefoto

04 street photography phnom penh slum cambodia finefoto jens andersen

05 phnom penh slum street photography cambodia jens andersen finefoto

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