Monthly:april 2015

No Privacy !

When you are living on the street, you don’t have any privacy. Not even the most private things. Many probably think it’s rude to take a picture of a person during their visit to the “toilet” but it’s a part of their everyday life. And if you want to document their living conditions it’s a part of it. In the West there is a great resistance of taking pictures of homeless, but the homeless or people living in slum in Asia […]

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Shot when I shoot !

              Married couple in front of their home.             Homeless man sleeping.        Beggar who lost his leg by a landmine. Photographed while I was playing with a street child. They need a lot of love and care. All the pictures is photographed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Thanks for your approachability.  

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The other side of Cambodia !

I`m publish at with my experiences and photography from Phnom Penh. CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LOOK !

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